Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

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Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle
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 Our original Blackforest mill lies serene and idyllicly along a side valley of the Nagold, between Unterreichenbach and the medical climatic health resort Schömberg in the cure and bath district Calw.

In 1480 feet above sea level lies the mill property:
Our hotel with restaurant and the flour mill containing an oil mill and a rape oil filling station. Comfort and nostalgia are intervened with the traditional running of the mill. Allready in 1260 our property was documented and mentioned as a grindingmill. Since 1873 the property owners carry the name Mönch. In 1874 the waggoner tavern
officialy adhered barauthorization.

An oak beam, close to the reception, tells stories of the time of it’s foundation in 1692. The property owner Eckard Mönch is leading his family business as a miller master craftsman in the sixth generation and took over the business from is father Günther Mönch in the year 2003.

In 1963 the grinding mill got transfered from the mainbuilding into another house of the property. Since then, the original mill building is being used as the hotel and restaurant. The big wooden mill wheel, with a diameter of 21 feet, reminds as a touristic attraction, of long ago past times, as waterpower was the only source of energy.

In 1632 the „Gutbrunnen (good-fountain) well was explored under the mill, with many saying that it’s water has curative effect. Today it is used as the drinking water supply of Unterreichenbach.

Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle


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