Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

Landhotel Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle | D-75399 Unterreichenbach | Zu den Mühlen 5
Tel. (+49) 07235-9320-0 | Fax (+49) 07235-7180 | info@untere-kapfenhardter-muehle.de

Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

Konferenzen und Congress

Seminar rooms

S I       50 sqm
SII       40 sqm
SIII      20 sqm

(Seminar I und II lay right next to eachother and also may be used as one big seminar room: 90 sqm)

Conference equipment

Screen, flipchart, mata-plan walls, presentation material, beamer, microphone system, fast internet via fiber optic cable, ISDN, LAN/W-LAN in the whole house and surrounding area, fax and copy service, CD-Player

Screenings and Presentations

(for example: Jewelry; mashines; motor vehicles)

ideal conditions:

Hold a Meeting in the Green

Give your thoughts space and work in the fresh Blackforest air and serene surrounding. For example in our hotel’s outer area or on the covered roof garden.

Possible Supporting Program (depending on pre-order, group size and weather conditions)

Our all-inklusive offers

Gladly, we will send you our current conference binder.

Dear guests, you can find the prices from our current daily delegate rates on the german main site.