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Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

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The Blackforest is the biggest connected forest site in Germany.
In many places you can still experience the centuries old history and tradition.
The typical forest professions like raftsmen and charburner left their marks in the woods. For example, the trails where wood was transported from the mountain into the water, or the remains of the charcoal burning stations are still visibel.

The charming landscape, and the diversified country with its mountains and valleys, meadows and streams invite you to go hiking in the healthy air.



The mill hiking track presents to you on display boards from Schömberg to Unterreichenbach, how the12 mills, in former times, where gathered along the river flow. (walking time: about 2 hours)

Bee Trail

Bee Trail: circular path through the Eulenbach-Valley; honeycomb-shaped benches; walking time: about 1 hour


Gaiernsee (lake) in Reichenbachtal
Artificially applied biotope from the 1970ies, which is being provided with fresh well water. (mostly harbours Toads and frogs).

On the Viertelesweg (path), which inclines after
Bieselsberg, you can enjoy a wonderful panorama. (walking time: about 2 and a half hours)

Barefoot path in Bieselsberg


Bike riding, mountainbike riding









Our house is now part of the hiking association ,,Quality host -Wanderbares Deutschland’’.


Wonderful, well accessible forest paths in a depicted and marked hiking-web leading you to nature existing since ancient times.





Officially certified hotel as a "sustainable travel destination"

Use resources responsibly and enjoy regional dishes.



Excursion posibilities & culture

Kapfenhardt Bee Trail and source path
Schömberg Health spas in healthy climate hydropathic sanitarium, multigenerational playground, lookout tower
Bad Liebenzell    Health spas with pharmacy garden and planetpath
Unterreichenbach   Water Playground
Hirsau Monastery establishment (Benedictine monastery)
Maulbronn Monastery establishment (Cistercian, UNESCO world heritage site)
Alpirsbach Monastery Church, brewery Tour
Calw House of Hermann Hesse’s birth, historical framehouses with marketplace in the city center, Night watchman-city tour
Pforzheim ,,Worlds of jewelery’’ in the Industrie Haus, wildlife park
Bad Wildbad historic cog railway to Sommerberg, treetop path, suspension bridge, fairy tale path, adventure forest, high moor, wild lake, spa facilities
Neuenbürg castle complex with viewable theater, visitorsmine
Neubulach visitors mine
Schwarzwaldhochstraße pretty panorama street from Baden-Baden to  Freudenstadt with amazing landscape view
Mummelsee legendery highlake
Stuttgart Wilhelma, Zoological and Botanical Gardens
Daimler-Benz Museum
Porsche Museum (Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen)
SI interactive museum (Musical; Swabian-spring)
TV Tower

The Blackforest is allways attractive!
...as fir tree never loose their greenery...

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