Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

Landhotel Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle | D-75399 Unterreichenbach | Zu den Mühlen 5 | Tel. (+49) 07235-9320-0 | Fax (+49) 07235-7180 | info@untere-kapfenhardter-muehle.de

Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

Arrival / Driving directions

We wish you a stress-free arrival.
Nevertheless, our idylic location is in the middle of nature, we are positioned in between the terminals of the BAB 8/81/5.

Arriving with your car:

SkizzeDrive from Unterreichenbach in the direction of Schömberg (not in the direction of Kapfenhardt) after 3 km, in the middle of the forest, turn right (see sign Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle) after 400 meters, you will be lead directly to us.

Arriving with bus / train / airplane

The train and culturetrain running through Unterreichenbach comes every 30 minutes.

Trainstation Unterreichenbach 3 km comfort information by the train.

Airport Stuttgart: 55 km distance and
Baden-Baden: 60 km



For your arrival with car you can request a route discription right here.