Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle

Landhotel Untere Kapfenhardter Mühle | D-75399 Unterreichenbach | Zu den Mühlen 5
Tel. (+49) 07235-9320-0 | Fax (+49) 07235-7180 | info@untere-kapfenhardter-muehle.de





Our guest dining area is available to you for different events, for example weddings, baptism or confirmation celebrations, birthdays and so on.

Gladly, we will send our banquet portfolio per mail, containing all the necessary information for your event.

Exquisite Taste Experience

We are awaiting you in our guest dining areas, designed in the regional country house or frame house style, and on our glass roofed terrace, near to the leisurely running millwheel.


An airy seat, spoiled by the sun.


The restaurant and the adjoining rooms are again arranged in the country house style. Hence, wood within the architecture and in wooden handcrafts.



Dream Wedding